Punjabi Alphabets

The first and important step to learn any language is to learn its alphabets and there are three basic factors for learning :

  • Alphabet Recognization
  • Alphabet Pronunciation
  • Alphabet Writing

Here we are covering all these three factors so that you can learn Punjabi language easily and efficiently.

By clicking on any alphabet in Gurmukhi column, you can view image designed to teach you and help you learn Punjabi Alphabet. The pronunciation and examples with usage are also provided.

You can learn writing Punjabi Alphabets very quickly and easily through our images showing directions to draw letters. We think that people can learn better when they’re presented with simple examples that they’re likely to use.

Gurmukhi Punjabi English Pronunciation

ਓੂੜਾ Oo’rhaa o’ as in room

ਐੜਾ Ai’rhaa a’ as in hat

ਈੜੀ Ee’rhee e’ as in energy

ਸੱਸਾ sas’saa s’ as in same

ਹਾਹਾ haa’haa h’ as in home

ਕੱਕਾ Kak’kaa k’ as in Kate, kite

ਖੱਖਾ khakh’khaa ‘kh’ as in khan, khaki

ਗੱਗਾ gag’gaa g’ as in God

ਘੱਘਾ ghag’ghaa ‘gh’ as in aghast, ghost

ਙੰਙਾ Ngan’ngaa ‘ng’ as in England

ਚੱਚਾ chach’chaa ch’ as in change

ਛੱਛਾ chhachh’chhaa ch’ as in cheddar more
like ch/sh robustly aspirated

ਜੱਜਾ jaj’jaa j’ as in Japan

ਝੱਝਾ jhaj’jhaa pronounced as harder
stressed ‘j’ as in jolt
more robustly aspirated

ਞੰਞਾ Njan’njaa There is no English
equivalent of this sound

ਟੈਂਕਾ tain’kaa t’ as in Tom

ਠੱਠਾ thath’thaa ‘th’ harder th as
in river Thames

ਡੱਡਾ ddad’daa d’ as in daddy

ਢੱਢਾ dhad’daa dd’ as in daddy

ਣਾਣਾ nhaa’nhaa Pronounced like English
‘n’ with tip of tongue upwards
touching palette of mouth

ਤੱਤਾ tat’taa t’ softer unaspirated
t as inTim

ਥੱਥਾ thath’thaa ‘th’ as in Thailand

ਦੱਦਾ dad’daa th’ softer th as in ‘then’

ਧੱਧਾ dhad’daa ‘th’ stressed th seventh

ਨੱਨਾ nan’naa n’ as in name

ਪੱਪਾ pap’paa p’ as in papa

ਫੱਫਾ phaph’phaa ‘ph’ as in philosopher

ਬੱਬਾ bab’baa b’ as in baby

ਭੱਭਾ bhab’baa there is no English
equivalent of this sound more
like bha combined together

ਮੱਮਾ mam’maa m’ as in mother

ਯੱਯਾ yay’yaa y’ as in yellow

ਰਾਰਾ ra’raa r’ as in run

ਲੱਲਾ lal’laa l’ as in lake

ਵੱਵਾ vav’vaa v’ as in Victor

ੜਾੜਾ rhar’rhaa ‘rr’ hard double r


ਸ਼ੱਸ਼ਾ shash’shaa sh’ as in shade


ਖ਼ੱਖ਼ਾ kha’khaa ‘kh’ as in khan or
as ‘ch’ As in the
Scottish Loch


ਗ਼ੱਗ਼ਾ gag’gaa g’ as in good


ਜ਼ੱਜ਼ਾ Zaz’zaa z’ as in zebra


ਫ਼ੱਫ਼ਾ faf’faa ‘ph’ as in philosopher


ਲ਼ੱਲ਼ਾ lal’laa l’ as in land


Gurmukhi Punjabi English Pronunciation

ਕੰਨਾ kannā ā as in ਸਾ sā


ਸਿਹਾਰੀ sihārī I as in ਸਿ si

ਬਿਹਾਰੀ bihārī ī as in ਸੀ sī

ਔਂਕੜ auṅkaṛ u as in ਸੁ su

ਦੁਲੈਂਕੜ dulaiṅkaṛ ū as in ਸੂ sū

ਲਾਂਵਾਂ lāṃvāṃ ē as in ਸੇ sē

ਦੁਲਾਂਵਾਂ dulāṃvāṃ ai as in ਸੈ sai

ਹੋੜਾ hōṛā ō as in ਸੋ sō

ਕਨੌੜਾ kanauṛā au as in ਸੌ sau

Nasal signs

Gurmukhi Punjabi English Pronunciation

ਬਿੰਦੀ bindī It’s sound is same
as ‘n’ in land, sand

ਟਿੱਪੀ ṭippī Its sound is same as
‘n’ in punch, lunch

ਅਧਕ adhak double sound to particular
consonant that it is assigned to

Punjabi is 10th most widely spoken language. Punjabi is spoken mainly in; East Punjab (India) where it is a state language, and in West Punjab (Pakistan) where it is widely spoken and in many other countries by people with punjabi background as well. There are number of Punjabi speakers, either as first or second language. If speakers of various dialects of Punjabi are taken into account, an approximation of 100 million would not be too far from the truth.