Type Punjabi online, easily.

People around the world, from different regions, communities and cultures want to communicate in their own mother/regional language to feel more native. We realized the need of people, who wants to communicate in Punjabi. They want to post on their walls in Punjabi. They want to send emails in Punjabi. They want to share thoughts, poems, songs, stories, articles and news in Punjabi. But they always find it difficult to do so. Because of the Punjabi typing hustle.

Here is something incredible designed to make Punjabi typing so easy. We know you are fast at typing Roman Punjabi. So, you just write in English alphabets , and we will convert it into PUNJABI. This is an amazing online Punjabi typing tool for people who just love to text in Punjabi.

There are some softwares or fonts too for typing Punjabi, but they are not so helpful and compatible.So, we put some efforts together to develop an online service which helps to Type Punjabi Online, Easily. We call it Virtual Punjabi Keyboard. It helps you to write in Punjabi language and share as you want.

We got appreciation from our community and we will keep putting efforts to improve it further.

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